JOGI Steev Kindwald & Matej KolenicNew Old - Creative TraditionAnd many more

JOGI Steev Kindwald & Matej Kolenic

The first section is a solo Shamisen improvisation influenced by Indian raga Bhairavi. The Second part is a duet of Genggong and Shamisen, a musical conversation of two different yet nicely matching sounds. The music is based on a Japanese folk melody.

New Old - Creative Tradition

Matej Kolenic ・ Shamisen / コレニッチ マチェイ・三味線

And many more

The Genggong was made by Steev himself from bamboo he found floating in the ocean. The symbol is an old Slavik symbol of the "Tree of Life" representing the new beginnings and spiritual and physical growth.

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JOGI Steev Kindwald & Matej Kolenic
New Old – Creative Tradition
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